Business Process Mapping, Modeling and Management (BPM3 Inc)

Our Focus:

  • Mapping your business processes to ensure they are effective and efficient
  • Eliciting and documenting your business systems requirements so that they are understood and agreed upon by all of the stakeholders - business and IT
  • Training your business analysts to be self-sufficient in these areas

Our goal is to impart our knowledge and methods to your business analysts, mentor them to make sure they get it and then leave them to do their jobs

What we can do for your organization

  • Document and streamline your business process
  • Help you gather and document requirements for a new system or changes to existing ones
  • Train and mentor your business analysts

We at BPM3 (BPM cubed) can help you achieve your process driven efforts in two ways. We specialize in providing training in Business Process Management, Business Process Mapping and Requirements Analysis. Our courses are designed to help your business analysts and key users become more effective and knowledgeable in these core skills. The courses have been designed to leverage the synergy between continuous process improvement and the gathering of requirements for new systems and systems changes. Through our training programs, your resources learn to map and analyze your business processes using the industry standard BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation). They will learn to use the maps to identify opportunities for improvement and learn how to turn those opportunities into business requirements that can ultimately drive the change through to implementation.

The second way that BPM3 can assist your organization is to provide the additional resources you may need to facilitate process improvement sessions, process mapping, and the gathering of the requirements for changes. If your organization lacks the time or resources, we can help you fill that gap.

We encourage you to utilize a combined approach whereby your resources are provided with the training to make them self sufficieint and then work with our resources as mentors to tackle their first project or a project that is mission critical. This provides your analysts with hands on experience utilizing the tools and techniques they have learned and provides your organization with quality results in a shorter time period. Ultimately, your staff will be able to take over your continuous process improvement and requirements analysis efforts as they gain experience and /or as time permits.

All of our consulting and courses have been designed to comply with and support the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) best practices as outlined in their latest BABOK. (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge)

Contact us to see how we can help you improve your business processes while developing your resources.