Business Process Management Course

The Case Study Approach

The Harvard School of Business pioneered the case study approach and we continue to use it successfully in delivering our Business Process Management training.

With this approach, participants immediately apply what they are learning improving retention.

The following are just some of the topics coveredin the BPM case study exercises:

  • Identifying Successful Customer and Organizational Outcomes
  • Developing the Strategy for change
  • Assessing your organization's readiness and capability for change
  • Understanding the key components of making change happen
  • Identifying your organization's core processes
  • Mapping the As Is and To Be processes
  • Identifying and supporting your process owners and managers
  • Identifying Quick Wins
  • Defining simple, easy to use process metrics
    • Moments of Truth
    • Breakpoints
    • Business Rules
  • Differentiating between Value Added and Non-Value Added work
  • Managing Risk - Impact Severity Matrix
  • Measures and Metrics - successful process measurement, monitoring, and control
  • Business Process Complexity Index
  • Developing and discussing an Action Plan and business case to take the project forward

This 4 day Business Process Management course is offered on an In-house basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quotation.

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Business Process Management Course Description

Learn to transform your Business Processes with this practical, interactive 4 day Business Process Management course. It is ideal for those who have the business responsibility to make process-centric change happen.

This BPM course addresses issues of strategy, people, process, and technology. Recently updated, this course was developed by the Business Process Transformations Group and has been taught to thousands of folks in the past decade. It is based on the 8 Omega Framework for Change which is designed to empower organizations to implement a comprehensive program of process and customer centric change.

Why take this Business Process Management Course?

Unlike other BPM courses that cover individual aspects of change, our comprehensive course focuses on the complete transformation process cycle within your organization.

Key aspects of this BPM training include:

  • Why BPM? - In Search of Competitive Advantage
  • BPM benefits and opportunities
  • Core Skills of Process Analysis and Design
  • Design of End-to-End Processes for Agile Organizations
  • Process Governance - roles and responsibilities throughout the change cycle
  • Process Owners, Sponsors, Stakeholders and the Process Change Professional
  • Creating a BPM Strategy for Change
  • Process vs Functional thinking: Obstacles and Issues in BPM Implementation
  • Process mapping, modeling, analysis, and redesign
  • To Be - Business Process Design Principles
  • Creating successful Customer and Organizational Outcomes
  • Role of Balanced Scorecard, 6 Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, SOA as tools within the 8 Omega Framework Approach
  • Selecting a BPMS
  • Making change happen - people in the process
  • Selling process change and continuous improvement