Requirements Facilitation Course

The Case Study Approach

The Harvard School of Business pioneered the case study approach and we have used it successfully in delivering our Requirements Facilitation training.

The theory is reinforced through a practical, business oriented case study. Participants immediately apply what they are learning which improves retention.

The following topics are covered during the case study exercises in this Facilitating a Requirements Discovery Session course:

  • Facilitating the:
    • Scoping of the project
    • Creation of a Process Map
    • Creation of a Context Diagram
    • Mapping of the high level end to end process
    • Mapping of sub-processes
    • Creation of RASCI / RASI Charts
  • Identifying constraints, issues, assumptions, dependencies, and risks
  • Defining objects / data fields
  • Handling difficult behaviors
  • Handling difficult situations

The Requirements Analysis course is a pre-requisite to taking the Requirements Facilitation course. The Requirements Analysis course and Facilitation course may be combined to make a 4 day course.

This course is offered on an In-house basis. Please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quotation.

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Requirements Facilitation Course Description
One of the major reasons that requirements are missed or incomplete is that the Requirements Discovery Sessions are led by business analysts that have not been trained in facilitation techniques specific to gathering requirements. Business analysts need to be able to facilitate sessions using the tools and techniques commonly used to identify and describe requirements in a manner the business can understand.

In this 1 day course the focus is on making business analysts better facilitators so that they can gather accurate and complete Business Requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will be provided with the tools and techniques to elicit complete process details, data, and business rules from the business users and achieve consensus on the requirements or, at worst, document the issues where agreement cannot be achieved. This course has been designed to support and complement the IIBA Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK).(

Key aspects of the Requirements Facilitation course include:

  • Helping participants define the scope of the project
  • Identifying the stakeholders and their issues
  • Understanding your role as a facilitator
  • Effectively facilitating a Requirements Discovery (RDS) / JAD Session using the appropriate tools and techniques
  • Managing difficult discussions and leading the participants to resolution
  • Identifying participants with a hidden agenda and bringing them out into the open
  • Identifying shy or reticent participants and getting them to contribute to the discussion
  • Identifying the stages in group behavior and assisting the participants through them
  • Identifying Constraints, Assumptions, Risks, and Dependencies (CARD)
  • Identifying important or critical Issues that cannot be resolved in the session
  • Learning to encourage participants to brainstorm new ideas while maintaining a focus and staying on track