Strategic Support:

  • Alignment of strategy with
    • Process improvement goals
    • Performance measures
    • Customer ease of doing business
    • Successful Customer Outcomes

Operational Support:

  • Training to develop internal resources
  • BPM coaches to work with the management team and project manager in developing and overseeing the project
  • Mentors to guide resources through initial or complicated process initiatives

Tactical Support:

  • Guidance in identifying key end to end processes and benefits for change
  • Identification of quick hits and long term changes to deliver on the business case
  • Resources to facilitate information gathering and documentation of processes
  • Resources to help draft strategic and change management communications

BPM3 Inc. Services

Are you automating processes and missing opportunities for process improvement?

Most systems projects have an additional goal of improving your business processes but few organizations actually achieve any significant benefit beyond automation. Too often inefficient and unnecessary activities end up being automated rather than improved or eliminated.

Business Analysts have been trained to document the current or As Is process and then they attempt to identify what can be improved as a result of automation. The mindset of the business is based on what users know (current state) so future state process thinking is automatically influenced by that knowledge. Few Business Analysts have the requisite experience in facilitating a redesign of the process based on business objectives. They lack the tools to overcome the "We have always done it that way" thinking.

Our consultants have the training, tools, and experience to lead the business areas through a formal process redesign that isn't hindered by current state thinking. Our approach maintains the focus on the end to end process, keeping in mind the strategy, objectives, and business drivers. This approach results in a robust process improvement plan reducing the risk of automating steps that could be improved or eliminated.

The future state or To Be process documentation becomes the basis for developing more detailed system requirements and identifies non-system, process improvement changes to be implemented.

If you are faced with these challenges, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation to discuss how we can help you make sure the benefits of process improvement are achieved in your organization.

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