BPM Software

Are you struggling to make a decision on whether to buy BPM Software?

Although substantial gains can be made just from applying the BPM methodology to your organization's processes, achieving optimal benefits for human-centric processes is often dependent on implementing Business Process Management software.

The BPMS solution that is right for your organization depends on your organization's needs and many other factors including:

  • The understanding of BPM within your organization
  • Whether the BPM initiative is led by the business or by IT
  • The real commitment to BPM by your top management
  • The budget allocated for the initiative
  • The IT architecture in the organization

With the plethora of BPM software available, it can be a daunting and costly task to decide to take the plunge. BPM software vendors offer products that range in price from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are many success stories but some companies have invested very large sums and thousands of hours of time in this area only to find that the undertaking was much larger than they originally anticipated. For this reason, even large organizations often prefer to start small with a pilot to learn and gain acceptance before investing significant dollars and resource time.